Tech Note

It is important that H09-002-08 HOBO Shuttle users check the status of the Shuttle's battery prior to downloading data from a logger. Using an H09-002-08 Shuttle with low battery voltage can cause the Shuttle to reset, and in extreme cases, lead to data corruption or loss.

To ensure data integrity, we strongly advise only using an H09-002-08 HOBO Shuttle with a battery level of 85% or higher (assuming battery level is checked more than 2 hours since the shuttle was last used). The HOBO Shuttle's battery must be checked using BoxCar or BoxCar Pro software. Please note the battery indicator light on the HOBO Shuttle itself refers to the logger's battery.

To check the status of the HOBO Shuttle's own batteries, connect the Shuttle to the host computer, run BoxCar or BoxCar Pro, select Logger from the title menu, and then select Launch. In most cases, a HOBO Shuttle that displays Error #11 upon readout will need to come in for repair. If you have any questions regarding this matter, or you have data on board that you would like retrieved, please advise (unfortunately, the data is not recoverable in most of these cases). Please contact the place of purchase for a Service Request Order (SRO) for data recovery.