Onset adds smart sensor adapters to the ECH2O probes so that they are plug‐and‐play compatible with HOBO® U30 stations and HOBO Micro Stations. The S‐SMC‐M005 incorporates the EC‐5 and the S‐SMD‐M005 incorporates the 10HS. Onset also offers the W‐SMC HOBOnode wireless soil moisture sensor, which uses the ECH2O EC‐5 and provides data in the same format as the S‐SMC‐M005. In many natural and engineered soils, the output of ECH2O soil moisture sensors is sensitive to variations in the soil temperature. The temperature sensitivity is not caused by the ECH2O sensors themselves which are almost perfectly insensitive to temperature changes, but rather the electrical characteristics of the soil, which can be quite sensitive to temperature changes. Read more in the application note below.


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