To add or remove smart sensors from a HOBO RX3000 station:

1. If the station is currently logging, press the Stop button to stop it.

2. Press the Connect button and wait for the station to connect to HOBOlink so that all the latest data is offloaded before changing smart sensors.

3. If using the rubber cable channel, unscrew the plates and push the cable channel out of the case. Open it to access any smart sensors.

4. Unplug any smart sensors you wish to remove. Plug in any new smart sensors.

5. Press the Select button to view the smart sensors on the LCD screen.

6. Press the Search button for the station to detect all the smart sensors currently connected.

7. Press the Start button to begin logging again. The station will automatically connect to HOBOlink.

8. If using the rubber cable channel, grease and place any smart sensor cables or plugs, reinsert the rubber cable channel, and reinstall the plates. See Installing the Weatherproof Rubber Cable Channel and Covers for details.

9. Make any configuration changes in HOBOlink as desired, such as adding sensor labels or scaling (see Setting up the Station). Note that any existing alarms associated with removed sensors will still be listed in HOBOlink. See the HOBOlink Help for details on deleting alarms. Also, if you are using alarms to activate relays, check that the relays are in the proper state.

Important: If this RX3000 station is a replacement for an existing HOBO U30 station, it is imperative that you power down the U30 station being replaced (disconnect the battery and AC adapter or solar panel) before you remove the smart sensors and connect them to the RX3000. Do not repower the U30 station or allow it to connect to HOBOlink again unless at least one different smart sensor is connected to the U30 station first.


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