Slide Hammer for Use with Multi-Depth Soil Moisture Sensor Pilot Rods
SLIDE-HAMMER Slide Hammer for Use with Multi-Depth Soil Moisture Sensor Pilot Rods
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Slide Hammer for Use with Multi-Depth Soil Moisture Sensor Pilot Rods


Important Info

Used with PILOT-RODx, which is sold separately. 


Product Description 

The slide hammer is used with a pilot rod (PILOT-RODx) for quick and easy deployment of HOBOnet Multi-Depth Soil Moisture Sensors (RXW-GPX-XXX). The slide hammer forces the pilot rod into the soil to create the profile needed for the soil moisture sensor. 

In what environment does this accessory operate?

This accessory operates in an outdoor environment.

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The HOBOnet Multi-Depth Soil Moisture Sensor is a wireless sensor that works with the HOBOnet system to measure soil moisture and soil temperature at multiple depths with a single probe, for fast and easy installation. This durable sensor is available in three probe lengths for measurements from 45 cm (18 in) to 90 cm (35 in) deep.

Featuring GroPoint’s TDT5 technology with patented antenna design, these sensors measure soil moisture along the entire length of each probe segment, resulting in the largest volume of influence per measurement section. A high frequency of pulses per measurement provides precise and consistent soil moisture data.

We recommend using the optional pilot rod and slide hammer for quick and easy installation. Onset offers two options for the pilot rod, the PILOT-ROD4 (28”) for use with the three- and four-segment sensors (RXW-GP3 and RXW-GP4), and the PILOT-ROD6 (40”) for use with the six-segment sensor (RXW-GP6). 

The HOBOnet system is a cost-effective and scalable wireless sensor network for web-enabled monitoring of field conditions for applications such as crop management, research, and greenhouse operations. And because it’s wireless, you can deploy a network of sensors to easily monitor multiple points with a single system, while avoiding the risk of long cables that can interfere with field operations. Sensors are easily linked to the network, and data can be accessed through HOBOlink®, Onset's innovative cloud-based software platform.

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