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Enhance Your Environmental Data Analysis with eClimateNotebook's Preservation Metrics

Combining accurate, reliable, battery-operated HOBO data loggers with the power of eClimateNotebook software enhances your data analysis to calculate risk and understand storage environments. Developed by the Image Permanence Institute, eClimateNotebook features preservation metrics that help collections staff analyze environmental data in order to identify preservation issues early, optimize conditions for collections, and inform their long-term prioritization and preservation planning.

Temperature and RH data easily integrate into eClimateNotebook from HOBO data loggers—which are used in museums, archives, and exhibit spaces worldwide to protect irreplaceable objects, including the best-surviving copy of the Magna Carta. Easy to deploy in storage areas or out-of-sight in exhibit spaces, HOBO data loggers deliver the critical temp/RH data that collections staff need to inform their decisions and maintain optimal indoor climates for artwork and other culturally significant pieces.

Leveraging the power of Bluetooth technology, HOBO MX Series loggers deliver data wirelessly, so treasured pieces can remain undisturbed in storage and display cases. Using an MX Gateway station, you can then remotely manage data and receive alerts by text or email via HOBOlink, Onset’s cloud monitoring software.