HOBO MX Multi-Channel Data Loggers


HOBO® MX Multi-Channel Data Loggers

Convenient wireless setup and easy
data offload to your mobile device!



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4-Channel Analog

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The NEW HOBO MX Multi-Channel data loggers use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to transmit indoor monitoring data to mobile devices using Onset's free HOBOconnect app. The HOBO Analog/Temperature/Relative Humidity(RH)/Light data logger and the HOBO 4-Channel Analog data logger support new Self-Describing (SD) sensors, which automatically communicate configuration information to the loggers, making deployment fast and easy.

Key Advantages:

  • Convenient wireless setup and easy data offload via BLE
  • Highly-accurate measurements and large memory
  • Fast deployment using optional SD sensors with automatic configuration
  • Wide range of measurements from compatibility with existing sensors
  • Option to add the MX Gateway for near real-time, remote access to data in cloud-based HOBOlink software


HOBO MX Analog Diagram

Simple Setup, Fast Deployment with New Self-Describing Sensors

New Self-Describing (SD) sensors automatically communicate configuration information to HOBO MX Multi-Channel data loggers. Sensor parameters stored inside the SD sensor eliminate the need for programming or extensive setup, supporting fast deployment. Integrated strain relief and a locking jack ensure that the sensor is secured to your data logger, for convenient plug-and-play operation.

Click on the SD sensor measurements below to learn more.

Available Measurements

Relative Humidity
Dew Point
Light Intensity
AC Current*
AC Voltage
DC Current
DC Voltage*
Absolute Pressure
Air Velocity
Compressed Air Flow
Differential Pressure
Gauge Pressue
4-20 mA*
*SD Sensors Available