Protecting wetlands around the world is vital to help cope with climate change.

Did you know that wetlands…?

  • Absorb and store carbon
    • Peatlands cover 3% of earth’s surface, but store 30% of all carbon
    • Seagrass absorbs carbon 35x faster than rain forests
    • Mangroves store 50x more carbon than tropical forests
  • Reduce floods
  • Relieve droughts
  • Reduce storm surges
  • Protect coastlines


Unfortunately, the organization for World Wetlands Day found that 35% of the world’s wetlands have been lost since 1970.

Onset has been supporting environmental researchers, scientists, students, activists, and others to monitor and protect wetlands with our water quality products. Check out how data loggers helped monitor and protect these wetlands:

If you are looking to use water quality and water level data loggers in your wetlands research, check out these free resources:

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