HOBOlink Data Logging Software

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Powerful web-based access to HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems

HOBOlink is a web-enabled software platform designed for HOBO U30 Remote Monitoring Systems. This data logger software allows you to easily access current and historical data, set alarm notifications and relay activations, and manage and control your HOBO U30 web-based data logging systems.


  • 24/7 web access to your data
  • Access your data in over 30 countries
  • Customize your data display
  • Verify U30 system status remotely
  • Set up and manage alarm notifications over the web
  • Schedule automated delivery of exported data files
  • Analyze data faster with custom export capabilities

Key Advantages of HOBOlink

Data Display Screen

Customize your display

Easily configure your data logging display settings. Create a single screen that displays key measurement data and trends for all of your HOBO U30 web-based systems.

View video: HOBOlink Display

Mobile Notifications on Smart Phone

Get notified

Set up and manage alarm notifications through the web. HOBOlink software will send a text message to your phone, and email to your computer, when conditions exceed set thresholds or if there is a sensor failure or low battery.

View video: Alarm Notification

Downloading Easily Accessible Data

Get data automatically

Select a timeframe, select data from multiple U30s and sensors, and configure HOBOlink to automatically deliver exported CSV or XLSX files to an email address or FTP site, on a schedule that you specify.

HOBOlink Web Services API

Integrate data with custom applications

The HOBOlink Web Services API is an application programming interface that enables organizations to easily integrate energy and environmental data from Onset HOBOlink web servers with custom software applications. The HOBOlink Web Services API supports the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and Representational State Transfer (REST) architectures.

Viewing and Sharing on WeatherUnderground

View on Weather Underground

HOBOlink provides a turnkey feature that enables you to view data from your HOBO U30 weather station on WeatherUnderground.com. Set custom views for your data and share it with other users by leveraging third-party widgets, gadgets and software supported by Weather Underground for Personal Weather Stations.

View video: Demo

Compatible Loggers
Part Number
U30 Remote Monitoring
U30-GSM - Cellular communications
Starting at $850

U30-WIF - Wi-Fi communications
Starting at $789

U30-ETH Ethernet communications

Documentation for the HOBOlink Data Logging Software