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  • Working with HOBOware and HOBOware Pro, the Basics
    This course teaches you how to install HOBOware & HOBOware Pro software, how to use a license key, how to configure, launch, and readout a logger, how to export data, and how to use Preferences. (Runtime: Approximately 1hr 30min)
    Self-Guided Training
  • Tips on Buying a Data Logger
    Whether you are an experienced data logger user, or just getting started, this article can help you during the data logger selection process. It outlines some of the most important considerations when choosing a data logger and offers tips on looking for specific features.
    Informational Page
  • Bluetooth Low Energy: A Closer Look
    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)—also known as Bluetooth Smart—is a relatively new version of Bluetooth technology that offers significantly less power consumption and costs compared to Classic Bluetooth while still maintaining a similar communication range. Learn more!
    Informational Page
  • Simplify Data Collection with First Bluetooth Water Level Logger for Mobile Devices
    Learn how easy it is to log, analyze, and share water level data with Onset's new HOBO MX2001 data logger with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, and the free HOBOmobile app.
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  • Working with the HOBO MX2001 Bluetooth Low Energy Water Level Logger
    This course teaches you how to configure, launch, readout, plot and share data from the HOBO MX2001 Bluetooth Low Energy Water Level Logger using Onset’s HOBOmobile app.
    Self-Guided Training
  • Working with HOBOlink, Onset’s web-enabled software platform
    This course teaches you all about HOBOlink, Onset’s web-enabled software platform, and how it works with the RX3000 station. (Runtime: Approximately 50min)
    Self-Guided Training
  • Data Logger Basics
    Join data-logging expert Jack Parchesky for a one-hour webinar and learn the basics of data loggers.
    Upcoming Webinar
  • HOBO UX90 Time-of-Use Data Loggers
    Join us for a free webinar to learn how HOBO UX90 Time-of-Use data loggers make it fast and easy to monitor equipment runtimes, room occupancy patterns, light usage, state changes, and more!
    Upcoming Webinar

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