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HOBO MX2001 Water Level Logger
Barometric Compensation Built In!


HOBO UX90 Series
Industry’s lowest-cost "time-of-use" data loggers!


HOBO MX1102 Data Logger
CO2 Data In the Palm of Your Hand!

The Trusted Leader in Data Loggers
For 35 Years

Data Loggers for measuring and monitoring indoor, outdoor and underwater environments.

Monitoring Solutions for preserving the quality of temperature-sensitive products.


Industry insight and resources on all things data logging

  • Self-Guided Training:
    This course teaches you how to configure, launch, readout, and plot data from the HOBO UX100 family of data loggers (UX100-001, UX100-003, UX100-011, UX100-014M, Ux100-023). This also includes a tutorial on how to use the U-Shuttle (U-DT-1). (Runtime: Approximately 55min)
  • Upcoming Webinar:
    Join an Onset data-logging expert for a one-hour webinar and learn the basics of data loggers.
  • Webinar:
    Learn how HOBO UX90 Time-of-Use data loggers make it fast and easy to monitor equipment run-times, room occupancy patterns, light usage, state changes, and more!
  • Self-Guided Training:
    This course teaches you how to utilize some of the more advanced features in both the HOBOware and HOBOware Pro software packages. These include Launch, Readout and Export time saving features, adding graph labels and importing data files. (Runtime: Approximately 2hrs)
  • Self-Guided Training:
    This course makes the participant familiar with the various Onset products that are available for monitoring electrical energy. It includes discussions of various measurement techniques, logger installation examples by a master electrician and detailed electrical safety information as well. (Runtime: Approximately 1hr 45min)

Success Stories

"The HOBO MX1101 is an ideal solution for us to protect such an important historical artifact as the Magna Carta. It’s great that I can check the current conditions at a glance, and have the ability to access historical data without interfering with the exhibit."
Emily Naish
Emily Naish, Archivist at Salisbury Cathedral
"The time reduction for downloading the MX2001 logger in our wells is significant, since most are 25 to 500 feet deep. The Bluetooth capability eliminates the need to remove the logger from the well and threat of tangled cable."
David Light
David Light, West Virginia University

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