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Water Level Logger
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Building Performance
Award-winning HOBO® data loggers are the ideal choice for building performance monitoring. They can be used in a range of projects, including energy audits, indoor air quality studies, and storage monitoring.
Environmental Research
HOBO® data loggers and weather stations offer years of reliable performance in harsh outdoor and underwater conditions. They are ideal for a broad range of environmental research projects.

Onset's Jess Frackelton discusses Onset's full range of HOBO data loggers for building performance and environmental monitoring. Browse data loggers.

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Onset Computer Corporation is the world's leading data logger supplier. We've been producing data loggers for over 30 years. Our battery-powered "HOBO" data logger products measure and record temperature, humidity, light, energy, and a variety of other parameters.

Known for providing reliable, accurate data under tough environmental conditions, HOBO data loggers can be rapidly deployed in a range of monitoring applications, from measuring building energy performance to water and field ecology studies.