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  • Webinar:
    Learn about Onset's family of HOBO water quality data loggers for monitoring conductivity, salinity, dissolved oxygen, water level, and more - in lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, and coastal waters.
  • Upcoming Webinar:
    Join us for a free one-hour webinar, hosted by Onset and presented by Dr. Laura Toran of Temple University, on why water level loggers are a useful, low-cost monitoring tool for evaluating performance and examining causes of failure in stormwater control measures.
  • Webinar:
    View the webinar to learn about our suite of HOBO kWh monitoring solutions for measuring energy consumption. Our solutions offer easy deployment and high-accuracy measurements for every application need or experience level.
  • Webinar:
    Learn about the new HOBO® MX2200 Series temperature data loggers. They bring convenient wireless setup and download to Onset's field-proven line of Pendant and TibiT loggers for measuring temperature in streams, lakes, oceans, air, and soil.
  • Webinar:
    Learn about the HOBO® Remote Water Level Monitoring Kits plus other water level loggers from Onset. The three new kits combine Onset’s field-proven HOBO RX3000 cellular remote monitoring station with the Stevens SDX water level sensor to give you remote, 24/7 access...

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