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$239 USD
HOBO Plug Load Logger
Measures Power and Energy
Consumption of 120V Plug Loads
  • 0.5% measurement accuracy
  • "Meter mode" provides instant readings
  • Larger memory enables faster logging
Building Performance
Award-winning HOBO® data loggers are the ideal choice for building performance monitoring. They can be used in a range of projects, including building-performance audits, indoor air quality studies, and storage monitoring.
Water Monitoring
HOBO® water monitoring solutions provide reliable, accurate performance, and are designed
for fast deployment in streams, oceans, and other bodies of water.
Environmental Research
HOBO® data loggers and weather stations offer years of reliable performance in harsh outdoor and underwater conditions. They are ideal for a broad range of environmental research projects.

Onset's Jess Frackelton discusses Onset's full range of HOBO data loggers for building performance and environmental monitoring. Browse data loggers.

The HOBO U20L Series is the industry's lowest-cost family of loggers for monitoring water level and temperature in both fresh and saltwater, in depths up to 100 feet.
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Onset Computer Corporation is the world's leading data logger supplier. We've been producing data loggers for over 30 years. Our battery-powered "HOBO" data logger products measure and record temperature, humidity, light, building-performance, and a variety of other parameters.

Known for providing reliable, accurate data under tough environmental conditions, HOBO data loggers can be rapidly deployed in a range of monitoring applications, from measuring building performance to water and field ecology studies.

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