Water Flow Meter Sensor - T-MINOL-130

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Measure cold and hot water flow rates with this compact water meter. The small-sized T-MINOL-130 is designed for deployment in apartments, assisted living communities, and other commercial buildings. Please note, the T-MINOL is configured for use with 3/4" pipes. (Use step-ups or step-downs to deploy the T-MINOL with 1/2" or 1" pipe diameters.)

  • This adds the ability for users to monitor hot or cold water usage at an affordable price.

The T-MINOL-130 Sensor is for use in Indoor environments

The T-MINOL-130 Sensor supports the following measurements:

Water Flow

This item has been discontinued.

Measurement range:  .25 to 22.0
Accuracy:  AWWA spec 97 - 103%
Connection size:  ANSI/ASME B1.20.1-1983; 1-11.5 SNPSM thread; 5/8 x 3/4 in ID
Dimensions:  length 5.12 in, width 2.5 in, height 3.15 in
Cable length:  59 in.
Water temperature range:  40F to 180F
Meter max reading:  99,999,999 US gal
Resolution: 1 contact closure per gal
Body:  nickel-plated brass
Weight:  1.32 lbs
Pressure drop:  < 8.70 psi typical @ 22 gpm; < 3.6 psi @ 11 gpm
Reed switch:  dry contact
Compatible Sensors
Part Number
Pulse Input Adapter
Contact Closure Pulse Input Adapter - 1 meter

Contact Closure Pulse Input Adapter - 6 meters

Compatible Loggers
Part Number
USB - w/external sensor
HOBO U30-NRC Weather Station Starter Kit

USB Data Loggers - optional external sensors
HOBO 4-Channel Pulse Data Logger

HOBO 4-Channel Pulse Data Logger

USB Data Loggers - requires external sensor
Micro Station

USB Weather Station
Starting at $418

HOBO UX90 State Data Logger

HOBO UX90 State Data Logger

Energy Data Logger

Web-based Monitoring Systems - via remote communication
U30 - Cellular communications
Starting at $850

U30-WIF - Wi-Fi communications
Starting at $789

U30-ETH Ethernet communications

Wireless Data Nodes - via receiver/USB
4 Channel - Temperature/Relative Humidity Data Node

4 External Channels - Data Node

Documentation for the T-MINOL-130

manufacturer's manual


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