USB Interface Cable(s)



A Keyspan USB-to-serial adaptor for use with all RS-232 serial devices and a PC 3.5 Interface Cable for PC computers.

In what environment does this cable operate?

This cable operates in an indoor environment.

Data Loggers
Temperature (Discontinued)
Event (Discontinued)
Carbon Monoxide (Discontinued)
H12-001 Type J Thermocouple Logger (Discontinued)
H12-002 Type K Thermocouple Logger (Discontinued)
H12-003 Type T Thermocouple Logger (Discontinued)
Temperature/Relative Humidity (Discontinued)
External Input Temperature (Discontinued)
USB Data Loggers - requires external sensor
Weather Station (Discontinued)
Micro Station
H22 Energy
HOBO Weather Station Starter System (Discontinued)
Documentation for the ADAPT-SER-USB

Configuring HOBOware for a Keyspan USB-to-Serial Adapter (ADAPT-SER-USB) Instructions

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