• Pediatrics Practice Tracks Vaccine Temperatures with BLE Data Loggers
    A Louisiana concierge pediatrics practice employs Onset InTemp Bluetooth Low Energy vaccine temperature loggers to ensure patient safety.
  • Choosing a Vaccine Storage Temperature Logger: 5 Things to Look for
    This white paper describes the five important features to consider when evaluating data loggers for monitoring temperatures within vaccine refrigerators, freezers, and controlled storage units to ensure pharmaceuticals are kept within specified temperature ranges.
  • Reduce Logistics Costs for Temperature-Sensitive Products with New Technology
    View the webinar and learn about a fully-integrated temperature monitoring solution that provides automated data download, alerting, and reporting, enabling greater access to data while reducing the labor hours needed to manage the supply chain.
  • InTempConnect 2.0: Command-Center Control Over Temperature-Sensitive Storage and Logistics
    This one-hour webinar introduces a new version of InTempConnect, our cloud-based data warehousing service for InTemp Monitoring Solutions.
  • InTemp CX400-VFC Refrigerator and Freezer Monitoring Solution
    This webinar shows how InTemp CX402-VFC data loggers streamline the collection of temperature data in refrigerators and freezers while meeting all of the requirements for the CDC Vaccines for Children program as well as hospitals, clinics, and WHO sites. View the webinar!
  • No upcoming webinars are scheduled at this time. Please check back soon!
  • Generating a PDF file from the InTemp App on iOS
    When generating a PDF file from the InTemp App on iOS from a full or nearly-full logger, you may see issues if the setting “Include Table Data in PDF” is enabled.
  • InTemp and the CX400 - Getting Started
    Learn how to unpack and assemble your CX400 Data Logger