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    6 days 18 hours ago
    Is it possible to run HOBOware on a Windows server? I've tested this but the software terminates after the splash screen with no error message. Thanks,
    1 week 3 days ago
    My Shuttle USB UDTW-1 has been connected to HobowarePro then detected on the status but my data logger U20L-04 is not detected in device status. The only detected device was the UDTW-1 USB shuttle....
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    2 weeks 5 days ago
    I recently replaced a HOBO U30-NRC station that was struck and fried by lighting. In order to make sure all of the sensors were still operational (temperature, wind speed, wind direction, solar...
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    2 weeks 5 days ago
    Read out logger, tried to open the .hobo file,. app crashed. Tried again, same result.