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    6 days 1 hour ago
    Just curious if anyone has successfully set up a data logger to be used as a crest gauge to measure bankflow events of stream systems. We're currently using the antiquated cork and pipe method, but...
    1 week 33 min ago
    HOBOmobile android app doesn't seem to work. MX1101 is visible in the bluetooth menu but the app doesn't find any device. Tested on Android 9.0 & 8.0
    1 week 11 hours ago
    Hello, our Hobomobile app doesn't connect to our hobo temperature Datalogger MX1101. We tried several smartphones with the hobomobile app - everytime our datalogger will be displayed inside the...
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    tq admin
    1 week 1 day ago
    Due to the license change for Oracle Java, we have to uninstall all of these installations. Is it possible to run Hoboware Free 3.7 with another Java Runtime?