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    3 days 2 hours ago
    li h
    4 days 16 hours ago
    I‘m using U20 to measure groundwater level, the logger is vertically put into a well, data exported from the logger is the absolute pressure, what does the absolute pressure mean? Is it the...
    2 weeks 5 days ago
    I'm having problems with hobo dataloggers u23-002. When I programmed the device in hoboware the temperature recorded was always 94 °C and HR 1%, when actually the real temperature is around 20°C....
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    william m
    3 weeks 6 hours ago
    I have two Samsung s5's both running android 6.0.1. one has HOBO 1.9.4 and one has HOBO 2.0. Bot can see the data loggers I am trying to read, but the s5 with HOBO 2.0 will not connect to the data...