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    1 week 1 day ago
    Hi, I am a PhD student and I have used HOBO devices to monitor the temperatures, humidity, Lux and CO2 levels of bedrooms during the summer. A lot of data has come in and organising it has been very...
    ouédraogo yohana, student in iut paul sabatier of the university of toulouse in auch, in france
    1 week 3 days ago
    Hello, I take the liberty to contact you in order to obtain your authorization to use an image on your web site Onset . It is for a study project: Functioning and types of probes to measure soil...
    1 week 4 days ago
    I am looking for a frequency data logger (and / or waveform) at the output of a motor frequency converter controller. (Some frequency gauges mistakenly show 4000 Hz on a 40 Hz frequency, because the...
    1 week 4 days ago
    My rx2100 station has activated a '' low battery '' alarm at a state of 7.918V and after that the log shows a constant battery value of 0V. Insight into the log shows that the lowest value of the...