HOBOware Pro 3.7.19

The following updates to HOBOware® Pro software are available to customers of Onset Computer Corporation under the terms of the License Agreement contained in the installation programs. Users of HOBOware Pro for Mac or Windows can download and install HOBOware Pro 3.7.19 as an update to their existing installation.
  • HOBOware can now handle new versions of U23 loggers (U23-001A and U23-002A) with Sensirion SHT31 RH sensor and Si7051 Temperature sensor.
  • HOBOware added a procedure for dealing with loggers launched with a Waterproof Shuttle with a bad delay value. This should help with more situations than before.

Bug fixes:

  • The Mac version was not able to go directly to the Onset Website Update page.
  • The Mac version was not able to open Help in the default browser.
  • When the MX2501 pH was calibrated while logging, the new calibration for subsequent readings was not being used.