HOBOware Pro 3.7.17

The following updates to HOBOware® Pro software are available to customers of Onset Computer Corporation under the terms of the License Agreement contained in the installation programs. Users of HOBOware Pro for Mac or Windows can download and install HOBOware Pro 3.7.17 as an update to their existing installation.
  • HOBOware recognizes MicroRX (RX2100) and works with RX Series Manager (which has been renamed from "RX3000 Manager")
  • HOBOware now comes bundled with its own copy of the Java Runtime Environment. Windows uses Java 1.8.0_171 and macOS uses Java 9.0.4. Customers no longer need to install and update Java on their computers.
  • HOBOware for Mac is notarized by Apple for macOS 10.14.5 and above. The application bundle is now digitally signed.
  • The Mac now stores its Settings Files (app.properties, OnsetSensorList.xml and ehcache.xml) in the user's Library/Application Support/HOBOware folder because of needing to sign the application bundle.
  • An optional default time zone has been added for Launch, Plot, Export and Import.
  • A new Differential Pressure external analog sensor, model T-VER-PX3UL, was added to the "OnsetSensorList.xml" external sensors list.
  • A new generic class with high display precision was added for HOBOlink series with no corresponding HOBOware class.
  • The Onset Software License Agreement was updated.

Bug fixes:

  • All Asian languages were sending unreadable HOBOnode Alarm emails.
  • The statistics set-up window was not available for the MX1102 and relaunching an MX1102 already in Stats mode did not default to Stats mode.
  • The wrong Dew Point was being calculated for the UX100-011A.
  • The Bulk Export Tool could not export XLSX Excel files.
  • Importing text files and using text files as Barometric compensation worked incorrectly over Daylight Saving Time transition.
  • HOBOware now detects HOBOlink files importing with empty series and removes them with a warning message.