HOBOware 3.7.12

  • Support has been added for the new S-RGE-Mxxx and S-RGF-Mxxx Rain Gauge Smart Sensors. The S-RGE-Mxxx uses US units (inches) for measurement while the S-RGF-Mxxx uses Metric units (millimeters) for measurement.
  • The Quick Start Guide is now consistent for HOBOware distributed on USB Drive and Compact Disk. It is now a simple one-page guide and has been renamed.
  • We have attempted to solve problems with Windows 8 for UX-Series and MX-Series. We suggest updating to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. An additional solution is to use Windows 7 for UX-Series and MX-Series firmware update.
  • This release of HOBOware temporarily removes the Korean language. We are working to improve the technical aspects of the Korean language translation for inclusion in a future release.