Sample Data - HOBO U30 Station Monitoring Soil Moisture, Leaf Wetness, and Soil Temperature on a Green Roof

Attached is a screenshot from a HOBOware data file recorded by a HOBO U30 Station that recorded soil moisture, leaf wetness, and soil temperature as part of a green roof project.

The data would look similar if a HOBO Micro Station or HOBO RX3000 logger was used with these sensors. (Note: If the RX3000 is used the data would need to be exported from HOBOlink in HOBOware .CSV format in order to be imported into HOBOware Pro.)

Products used were:

U30-NRC Station

S-LWA-M003 Leaf Wetness Sensor

S-SMD-M005 Soil Moisture Sensor

S-TMB-M002 Smart Temperature Sensor

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