How the RXMOD-A1 with HOBO RX3000 Samples Analog Data and Resolution

How many samples are collected when a measurement is taken and how long is the measurement window open?  

  • The sample window is open for about 10mS - a small window is used in order to save battery power.
  • The input signal is filtered with a 2nd-order low pass filter with a 10Hz cutoff frequency, to prevent the input signal from varying much during the sampling window.  Plus, the fastest logging rate is 1/s, so these channels are designed to look at slowly-varying signals. 


Here is the resolution for the RX3000 analog inputs. Most customers ask ”What can you read? I need to read 100mV”  meaning  0 to 100 mV. The 0 to 2.5V range is equal to 2500mV. The resolution on the low range is 78uV  that’s .000078 or .078mv.

You can safely tell customers we can easily read the 0 to 100mv range.



More information can be found on the RXMOD-A1 web page and HOBO RX3000 User Guide

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