Windows 10 Support for Hobo U30 Network Utility

Will an update be provide anytime for the Hobo NetSetup utility. I can only get it to work under Windows 8.1. Thanks

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Unfortunately there are no current plans to update the HOBO NetSetup utility. The RX3000 is the current station model that replaced the U30 several years ago, so any such development would be towards improvements for the RX3000. Please contact if you are interested in upgrading to the newest model.

Curious that it's no longer supported when you're still selling them on your website. I would consider a disclaimer on the U30 if that's the case or you may have some unhappy customers as a result.

We have not sold the U30 Ethernet or WiFi versions for several years. Our website shows them as discontinued...perhaps you are looking at the U30 NRC, which looks the same but does not have the communication capabilities? The U30 NRC is a stand-alone logger. Regardless, we will still provide support for the NetSetup Utility as best we can as long as you own the product, but there will be no additional development on it from a software enhancement perspective due to the products it is used on being discontinued.

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