Waterproofing data logger

Hi, I would like to place a HOBO Temperature/Relative Humidity/Light/External Data Logger in a ziplock bag/tupperware to make it waterproof. I was wondering if this would affect its readings?
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Thanks for the forum post.
We have customers that do this with varying levels of success. The temperature and light measurements would be only slightly affected with a slightly longer response to changes in temperature.The RH sensor will only measure the RH inside the bag and will not react to conditions outside of the bag.
Onset makes a variety of products for outdoor temp/RH monitoring including the MX2300 series which would work better than the U12 in an outdoor environment.

Hi, unfortunately I've already purchased multiple sets of the U12. Is there any way to improve the U12's protection from the environment? i.e. which parts of the U12 can i cover with plastic and which parts must I leave exposed to the environment in order to get reliable readings? (the part on the top left hand corner with the 16 holes? Thanks for your help.

Hi again,
Thanks for the update.
It will be tricky to weatherproof this device for a couple of reasons.
Both the RH sensor and the temp sensor are located inside of the case, so there has to be airflow through the the case to allow the sensors to sense those changes. Also, the PC board is not conformally coated so any moisture that may accumulate on the board could eventually cause corrosion.
I would suggest mounting the logger so that, at minimum they are out of the path of direct rainfall.

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