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I have some MX series dataloggers (MX 1101) deployed in a lab. I would like to be able to view the data in HOBOLink, and grant others in the lab access to the data. I can export the data from the logger to a .csv file and email it to myself via my smartphone, but now how can I import data into HOBOLink to view it in a web page? Is there a way to automate this process so I can view the data from each logger in real time?
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You can upload the data from your MX loggers to HOBOlink, but HOBOlink will not show MX logger graphs. Go to and create and activate an account. Once the account is created in HOBOlink, open HOBOmobile on your mobile device and go to "Settings", then select "HOBOlink". Select your newly created account, enter the user and password, and select "Done". All of your MX files on the device will now begin to sync with HOBOlink. The uploaded data in HOBOlink can be found in "Standalone Device Deployments". If you have any difficulty with this, or if you would like to be walked through it in real-time, please contact our tech support team via the link below.


Please submit a support case by clicking here.

I can upload the data to HoboLink, then export it as a .csv file, but then I get an error message saying "The selected file type is not supported by this version of HOBOware."

Couple of things to try before contacting Tech Support via the link below: Make sure you are Exporting as a "HOBOware CSV". Do not open the file in Excel...Excel sometimes puts in hidden characters that will make HOBOware glitch. Make sure you are importing into HOBOware via the "Import Text File from HOBOlink" command, versus "Open File" or "Import Text File". If you still have trouble, Tech Support is standing by!

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

MX data in HOBOlink can now be viewed using the Dashboard feature

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