Version of Hobo software doesnot support this logger type

I'm could not view data in Hobo ware version 3.7.13 and 3.7.1 also even though I could see the bottom bar of this Hobo ware is showing device name and one device connected message. After I click on configure and launch, error message appear from 3.7.13 is " The version of Hobo ware does not support this logger type, please check for updates..., however after I checked update, it says No updates are currently available for Hobo ware. Then I tried to install version 3.7.1,Hobo ware, it is showing similar "NO HO bo ware supported onset devices attached ". My current Java is, Java 8 update 161.Please gives me any suggestion for that.

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If the device you are using is a Shuttle, then you will need HOBOware Pro versus the free version. Otherwise this should be working for you, so please contact our Tech Support department via the link below for more detailed troubleshooting. Good Luck!

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

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