Upload data from H21-USB to hobolink.com

Hi, I was wondering if I can upload my collected weather station data of the H21-USB to Hobolink.com ? We have two Wifi loggers and I would like to upload the Offline logger data (which is in the field) to hobolink.com so that I have all my data on one website and all employees can work with it. Is that possible ? Thank you!
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It is not currently possible to upload data from stand-alone loggers to HOBOlink, nor is this feature currently on our product planning roadmap. I'll submit this to the product development team on your behalf as a product enhancement request. We use product requests as a critical component of our development process. If we do get enough requests and internal push to do this, you will be contacted when the feature is available. In the meantime, thanks for using our loggers, and for taking the time to provide feedback!

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