U24-002-C not connecting to software

Hi I've had a just retrieved our U24 logger after being deployed in the marine environment for several months. I'm trying to download the data using an optic USB base station (Base-U-4) but it won't connect to the software and isnt being recognised as an external drive by my computur. I've been using both the base station and computer to download a range of hobo loggers for the last few days and this is the only logger to fail, suggesting the issue might be with the logger itself. Can you suggest a way to download the data, please?

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Hi Matt. Thanks for the post. Sorry to hear that you are having trouble connecting to your U24 logger. Make sure the coupler is nice and tight, give it a firm push on to the base station. If you haven't already, contact our support team for help. Worst case, we can get what ever data is on the logger off at the factory. And we can give the logger a tune up while its there.


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