Hi, I installed two water level sensors (U20L-04) next to each other mounted in a small stream. One is installed for about a 1,5 years now and the other just recently. I witnessed, that the old sensor started recording small events, which were not happening in reality (https://prnt.sc/gm7dww). Now I wonder, where these events could possibly come from and what I can do, to prevent those. I could imagine that its some kind of biofilm. Thanks for comments and suggestions! @onset: I'm a big fan of your stuff, keep on making great products!

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We will need more information to help you. The .hobo datafile, pictures of the deployment, and a description of the project will help us. Please click the link below to create a case with Onset Tech Support if you haven't already. We'll do our best to understand and explain what you are seeing.
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