Tethering/simulation software on computer<->iOS/ Andriod device for remote monitoring of BLE

Has anyone found a combination of computer and phone/tablet interface software that works for this? I have a bunch of MX devices that are all in range of phone or iPad at one place. Software that allows simulation of touchscreen of a tethered device on a computer that can be remote controlled. So a combo of the 3 pieces that works without a lot of trial and error might benefit many while we hope for BLE directly to a Windows or OS-XX machine.
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Currently we do not know of any way to do this with Onset or third-party software...if any users out there have found a solution, please chime in! There is R&D happening here towards the ability to run HOBOmobile from a PC. While there is no firm schedule for this to happen yet, it is on our radar. In the meantime, you can send your data to HOBOlink.com from your mobile device when a logger is offloaded, but you cannot manage the loggers remotely. See the link below for instruction as to how to connect MX data to HOBOlink.com.

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