Seeking guidance on use of tilt to measure vertical and horizontal angles

Hi, I'm hoping to use the Hobo Pendant G data logger to measure slope (vertical angle) from a clifftop to animals at sea that we are tracking and ideally a horizontal angle such as a theodolite might do for surveying.The hobo is mounted to a tripod frame that also hold binoculars and video camera and so the angle that we watch and follow animals using binoculars should be recorded by the data logger. The hobo already calculates tilt angles for x, y, and z axes but I'm having trouble working out how to translate these to the angles I need. I think I need to calculate the tilt using all three angles and have seen various suggestions online but am kind of lost. I've not even started on the horizontal. I'm thinking I need a reference point with a know angle and take relative measurements from that? If anyone could advise I would really appreciate it. Many thanks.
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Hoping some savvy HOBO users chime in here! One thing to try is using the status mode in HOBOware (with your logger connected, click Device, then Status). This will give you a real-time visualization of data, and how the logger would interpret the orientation and tilt changes, so you can potentially see what the best mounting and starting positions would be. Feel free to contact our applications team as well, at, for other ideas.
Good luck!

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