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Dear Onet, I have following questions/doubts: 1. From RX3000 manual I understood that total length of all cables used for smart sensors must not exceed 100 meters. But does this incudes cables which are used for analog sensors as well or for e.g. I can use 100 meters of cables for smart sensors plus additional 100 meters of cables for analog sensors? 2. What is the maximum cable length for Stevens SDX Real Time (Remote) Water Level Monitoring Pressure Sensor? I saw that there is possibility of custom defining of cable length.... 3. Please can you provide little bit more detailed explanation how "User Provided SIM Plan i.e. SP-600" works and what are the limitation of this communication plan? I am not sure that I understood from documentation from your web page..... 4. Is it possible to connect RX3002-00-01 Wi-Fi in following way: - To use android smart for as a Mobile hotspot with Network SSID and Password and connect RX3002-00-01 Wi-Fi to the internet in this way? 5. Is there RX3000 with built in all three connection types i.e. Ethernet + Wi-Fi + Cellular? Thank you in advance Best regards Milan
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This posting has been forwarded to our staff of applications experts. I understand that Eileen has already been in contact with you.

In the future, to save time, please direct your pre-sales application questions to sales@onsetcomp.com.
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