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I am a very very happy owner of a H22 data logger, and I bought a RX3000 GSM to upgrade performance, and now I am a little disappointed of some RX3000's features. 1) I thought that digital display show sensors stats, in a next firmware upgrade can show data sensors? May I bought a UDT-2 shuttle to see it. 2) My cheapest solution was connect laptop through usb with last version hoboware pro, and see what happen with my sensors, but when I plug it, hoboware pro interface stop and a hobolink interface appears and I can no see any data and any .dtf files stored. A disturbing thought in front me, RX3000 GSM is only accesible by hobolink software or on the other hand it has some H22 feature that help me work quickly, like I was used to be
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Thank you for your forum post and I am sorry for this confusion.
The RX3000 is a very different device than any other HOBO data logger in that it does not create internal data files per se. It temporarily stores sensor data in it's memory and transmits the data periodically to the HOBOlink server where it is stored in an on-line database. Via the HOBOlink web interface, you can create database queries to view this data in a variety of user-defined formats (including HOBOware .CSV format which allows direct import into the HOBOware Pro software). You can also configure HOBOlink to periodically delivery these data queries automatically to your email address or to an FTP site.

Answers to your specific questions follow:
The LCD is designed to provide logger connection status and other information, not live sensor data.
The U-DT-2 shuttle is not compatible with the RX3000 however, the shuttle does have a smart sensor jack that will allow you the ability to interface it directly with each sensor individually, independently from the RX3000.
You can use the latest version of HOBOware to see your RX3000 sensor current conditions (Device, Manage RX3000) however, as this logger does not create data files, you cannot download data via USB in a view-able format.
I hope that this information helps you and thanks again for your forum post.

Thanks for your reply, it helps me a lot to understand RX3000 behavior, that works certainly great. An idea for a RX3001 version is a internal memory (when gsm signal is out) and a digital display working like U-DT-2 shuttle. Yours, Daniel

Thank you Daniel.
Your suggestion has been added to our list of customer-requested product enhancements.
Best regards,

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