Recalibration HOBO Water Level Logger U20

Hello, We have some HOBO Water Level Loggers U20. How often do they need to be re-calibrated?
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Hi Lisa. Thanks for the post. This is entirely up to you but there are some guidelines to help decide. if the devices are over 3 years old and the project is critical, give us a call for a tune up. That way you can be sure that the loggers are running at 100%. However if you intend to use a ~3 year old logger for shorter, less critical applications, you may be able to squeeze another year or 2 out for them before service is needed. We cannot put a hard line on when to service these devices as applications can vary quite a bit. Use your good judgement and as always if you are un-sure, it is better to be safe than sorry. I hope this helps.

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