Question about downloading a logger to the U-DTW-1 Waterproof Shuttle

When I connect a U23 Pro V2 temperature logger to my computer to download its data, Hoboware prompts me to either stop logging or to continue recording. I always choose to stop recording. I then download the data from the logger and when relaunching the logger, its memory is cleared so that the full memory capacity is available for the new launch. No problem with that. Works fine. I just purchased a U-DTW-1 Waterproof Shuttle and I'm wondering if, when I offload data from a U23 logger to the Shuttle, will the Shuttle stop the data recording on the logger, and then upon relaunching it, clear the memory on the logger so that the full memory capacity will be available for the new launch of the logger? Or will the offloaded data remain in the logger's memory, thereby reducing the memory capacity for the new launch?
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The UDTW-1 Shuttle will offload the logger's data then restart it with all the logger's memory available for the new deployment. Only by connecting directly to the PC can you offload while logging without stopping the deployment. If you have any further questions regarding how to use your shuttle, please feel free to open a case with our tech support team via the link below.
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