Question about data logger charge system

I have a few question about U30-NRC power system. 1). What is the acceptable voltage range of the data logger if I don't use the built-in battery? 2). What is the acceptable voltage range of the external power supply connector? Can I use a solar panel with an output of 12 volts? 3). Does U30 has the solar charge controller in it or not?

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You must use the built-in battery with the U30, whether or not you use a solar panel (or an AC charger). The external power devices charge the U30's battery, not the U30 itself. The U30 cannot run on solar power only. The battery is a lead-acid type that provides 4 volts. We do not recommend or support using any other battery with the U30.
Feel free to contact our application specialists at for deployment advice for the U30. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply. If I use the built-in battery with the U30, can I charge the battery by using a solar panel larger than 6 volts, say 12 volts?

The short answer is no. We have recently dropped the prices on our solar panels...I would recommend using ours. Otherwise you would need to create your own circuitry for the battery charging circuit to see no more than 6-9 volts. This would not be would need a linear regulator, heat sink, and several resistors to make it work. Any non-standard circuitry has the potential to damage the U30, and any such damage would not be covered under warranty. If this is truly your only option, please contact our tech support department by clicking the link below to open a case. I strongly recommend our solar panels as your best option. Good luck!

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

Thanks. I have few more questions. 1). If we acquire 5-Watt panel, would that be sufficient to run 2 precipitation gages + 1 temperature/RH sensor (30 min sampling) at a site in the tropics (2 deg. South)? Does ONSET panel come with a connector that fits the U30. 2). If we intend to use just a battery of large capacity: what is the DC voltage range that U30 can accommodate? Can it accommodate 12-15V DC?

Our 5-Watt panel should be more than sufficient running 3 sensors at 30 minute sampling. It does come complete with mounting hardware, and it is plug and play with the U30. If you intend to use a large capacity battery, it must be 6 volts, otherwise it will overheat the charging circuit.

Thanks, but my last question is, if we just use a battery and not charge it with the charging circuit in the U30, what is the DC voltage that the U30, i.e. the data logger can accommodate? Can it accommodate 12-15V DC? There must be a voltage range that the data logger can handle with. Thanks, Wenbo

As noted in the first response to this string, the built in 4 volt lead acid battery is the ONLY battery that can be used to power our U30. There are NO exceptions. Any external battery or solar panel can only be used to charge the U30 battery. The maximum voltage acceptable in the U30 charging circuit is 6-9 volts.

I get it. Our situation is that we have to deploy the U30 overseas and the lead-acid battery is not allowed to be carried on the plane... So we will have to buy other batteries when we arrive at our field. I suppose as long as the battery is close to 4 or 5 volts it should be acceptable by the U30? Thanks, Wenbo

We have shipped the U30 with the battery included all over the world. We include a sticker on the box that states the following:

IMDG SP 238, IATA SPA67 DOT 49 CFR 173.159 (D)

The restrictions typically refer to Lithium, not Lead Acid batteries.

That said, the U30 battery is a Power Sonic model PS4100, 4 volt, 10AH rechargeable sealed lead acid battery. I will ask Dave in Tech Support to email you a data sheet (It is too large to attach to this post)

We do not recommend using any other will void the warranty if anything goes wrong. Hopefully you can find that model, or use ours with the proper sticker/documentation to allow it on a plane.
Good luck!

Thanks for the help. Best, Wenbo

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