Problems with data from Hobo Po V2

Hi there, we have the Temp/Rh Hobo logger Pro V2 and done some fieldwork with around 10 of them, However, one of them comes back with strange data on the lower end for the RH values. Quite regularly and for a period of time (e.g. 1hr) it comes back with a value of exactly 1,000% (1%) which is not possible since the other loggers show more plausible values during the same period. Do you have any experience with this issue and have an recommendation how to fix it? Is it a software problem or should we send it in? Thanks in advance
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Thank you for posting on Onset's Forum.
This may be a manifestation of a loose (unseated) or failing sensor. The sensor is field replaceable so I would try checking/replacing the sensor. If this logger is still under warranty and has no physical damage it can be replaced.

If this does not fix the issue, please contact our Technical Support staff via the following link and be sure to share the offending data file with them.

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

I'm using HOBOU12-012, and I work in very high RH region and de amount of HR registered by the data logger es 1. Wy its happened?

The HOBO U12-012 does not have a user-replaceable sensor. It is designed for indoor applications only. If the unit is consistently deployed in high humidity environments, condensation can cause problems with the sensor and with the circuit board. While these loggers can survive for a period of time in high humidity, they cannot withstand condensation. If they get wet, they will not work correctly. You may want to consider using one of our outdoor loggers which will offer more protection, especially if your logger is more than 1 year old (past its warranty). Please contact your place of purchase to discuss options.

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