No Hoboware-supported onset device

Good Day. I have a newly purchased U12-015 stainless temp logger. I then downloaded the free Hoboware/file version from . However, when connecting to a USB cable, the Logger does not work "No HOBOware-supported onset device attached. Kindly assist on what to do to resolve this problem.

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The first time you connect to a logger it takes time (up to a minute) for the logger to be recognized by the computer's USB port, before it can be seen by HOBOware. Try connecting again and waiting at least a minute to see if that was the issue. This only happens the first should be recognized immediately in subsequent connections. If waiting does not solve the issue, please use the link below to open a tech support case and our tech support specialists will walk you through additional troubleshooting steps. Good luck!


Please submit a support case by clicking here.

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