No HOBOware onsite devices attached

When the logger is initially plugged into the computer, HOBOware Pro shows the device name and that one device is connected. However, when I go to read out the logger or use any other function, an error message appears saying that "no HOBOware-supported onset devices are attached". This is the second logger UX120-017 I purchase and everytime it does the same thing. I have the latest HBOware Pro version and it still cannot read it. Initially i set it up and started logging, however when i went to read out the data, it was not logging, and shows no device attached. I believe there is something defective with the loggers.I updated drivers, hoboware , computer , java, and still nothing. This is very frustrating and gives low reliability and rating to the loggers devices.

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Sorry you are having difficulty connecting to your loggers. Please contact Tech Support via the link below to open a case. We'll work with you to troubleshoot and hopefully correct the issues.

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

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