"No Hobo-ware onset shuttles attached" error

I have been trying to upload the data from my Hobo Pro U23 datalogger to my computer using an Optic USB Base Station but keep getting error messages. As soon as I plug the shuttle in it is clearly recognized as the information for the logger is displayed in the lower left corner of the window. However as soon as I go to 'Manage Shuttle' I get an error that says "No Hobo-ware onset shuttled attached", and the info about the logger being attached disappears. I have gone through the forum here and tried suggestions that were suggested to others, but it still isn't working. This includes: disconnecting and plugging it back in (at every connection point at least a dozen times for the past 30 minutes), checked the cleanliness of the unit, but there is no dirt or accretions near the sensors, I just updated my Hoboware to the most recent version (3.7.11), and I double checked that I'm still running Hoboware Pro and that my license key has been entered and is valid. What else can I try to get this to work? Thanks in advance!
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Thanks for the forum post.
When using the shuttle as a base station you do not use the Manage Shuttle menu choice.
When you see the logger identified as connected, use the Device Launch, Readout or Status menus to configure, get data or confirm current logger status.
You use Manage Shuttle only to configure or offload the shuttle alone, not to interact with loggers.

Thanks for using Onset products.

Thank you so much! Worked like a charm!
I'm having this same issue with HOBO Pro v2 temp loggers and an optic USB base station, but it happens when I click any of the Device Launch, Device Stop, Device Status buttons. Any other tips? Thanks!

Thanks for the forum post.
Make sure you have the latest version of JAVA installed. If you still have issues, contact your local distributor or Onset Tech Support.

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