No devices connected with U12-015 at Windows 10

Hi, I've used U12 015 temp loggers for about 10 years. They have worked very well. But I just bought two of them and they haven't been detected by any of my four PC (they all have Windows 10). I used the same PCs last month with other dataloggers (bought 1 year ago) and they worked well. Has the system, the software or the device configuration changed? I appreciate your comments
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Hi guys, the local ONSET's supplier have dealt very well with it, they sent a "original" (or a kind of) cable for the temp logger and it finally worked!. They plug of the cable they sent, is a little bit longer than the commercial ones. I suggest to include the right cable with the device shipment. HOBO U12 is very strong (is one of my favorites loggers) and it could be a shame to dissapoint someone if they use a wrong cable. Regards.

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