No device selected errors requiring restarting Hoboware

I'm getting repeated failures of Hoboware to detect devices attached to a USB base station. Most of the time I can re-establish a connection by quitting and restarting the Hoboware software. Is there a known way to address? I'm currently going through a calibration/ verification process for two U-26 dissolved oxygen sensors and need to switch back and forth to get readings for the two loggers. Hoboware detects and connects to the loggers just fine when it starts, but frequently loses the connection if the logger is disconnected. Once I see the "Dev: No device selected..." message at the bottom of the screen, Hoboware will not re-establish a connection with the logger until the software is restarted. Is there a way to force Hoboware to scan for devices again? Or another way to make the software pick up the device?
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We have seen this issue on Windows 10 64 bit machines. Unfortunately it appears to strike randomly and not consistently. You can try simply disconnecting and reconnecting the base station rather than restarting HOBOware. We have logged a bug with the software folks. Feel free to open a case with tech support by clicking on the below link, as they may have other troubleshooting options to try.
Good luck!
Please submit a support case by clicking here.

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