Merging two Hobo Barometric Pressure Files

Hi. I need to process a hobo file with dates that will require two separate barometric pressure files in order to adjust the entire record. Is there a way to merge two hobo barometric files into one? Thanks!

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Hi Jorge. Thanks for the post. There are a couple ways to go about this. 1. compensate the water level file twice once with 1 baro file and again with the other. Using HOBOware cropping feature, cut out the non corrected data in each file. then you can copy and paste the data set together or use HOBOware's merge function. (save the files first)
2. (more commonly done) Merge the 2 baro files in HOBOware using the merge feature. This will combine the files but you cannot use this to compensate. So, export the file to text. then use the exported txt file to compensate the water level data.

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