Install antenna on Hobo RX3000

I am currently trying to install the HOBO RX3000 in a remote area in the wilderness. I georeferenced AT&T's coverage map in order to locate high points where we were likely to have signal. While we have carried the weather station through several miles of wilderness to these points, we have not been successful getting a connection. I was curious if anyone has installed an antenna on the HOBO RX3000 and I would be interested to find out which one and what you needed to do. I would also be interested to find out if anyone has figured out a way to store the data using a storage device, If we can't get a signal, it would nice to at least be able to store the data.
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Unfortunately, there is no way to modify the RX3000 antenna; there are many technical reasons for this including legal issues from the FCC. The logger will need to be in range to upload the data. The logger will, however, store 30 megabytes of data. Depending on the number of sensors, recording intervals, and whether or not statistics are being employed, you could store from 2-6 months of data on the device before the data starts to wrap, overwriting your oldest data. Once in range of a cel signal, the data will upload to HOBOlink. Good luck!

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