How to pick up a water level logger from the hole

I had a problem with the thread of the water level logger and it falls to the bottom (4 meters) of the water well. The tube has a diameter of 2''. How can I pick it up? I was thinking using a powerful magnet, but I am worried that the magnetic field affects the sensor. Maybe with a suction pump?

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Sorry that you have this issue! Unfortunately, there isn't enough magnetic material in the logger to "stick" to the magnet...even though there would likely be no adverse effect on the sensor. A suction pump may be a better idea, or something that can grab those exposed threads and hold on. Hoping other Forum readers that have encountered this issue will chime in with innovative ideas to help.
Good luck!

You may try a fishing hook, single or multi-prong type and try fishing it out.
Maybe you could try to make something like one of those animal lasso poles like - all you would need is a long tube and some flexible wire or cord.

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