How to access Web Service

We are using RX 3000 and try to access the web service to get the sensor data, using a procedure from SQL server. I successfully get the data when running the procedure manually. But I need to run the procedure automatically, using the SQL job. When the procedure is run automatically in the job, I always get the truncated JSON data. After spending tens of hours on this issue in vain, I wrote a Visual Basic program and it works as an application, but I need to save the data in the SQL server to analyze it, which is a little complicated. I try to push the Visual Basic function as a DLL (assembly) to SQL server, it fails because the SQL server doesn't like System.Web.Extensions that I use for JSON Serialization, which is necessary to build a POST content. I am looking for any experiences with or any thoughts with the HOBOLink Web services. Any feedbacks will be appreciated.

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