Hoboware will not recognise 2 new Microstation logger

Using two different Macbook pros I cannot initialize two microstations that I want to log weather and soil water data.
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Thanks for the forum post.
This logger is actually a serial logger using USB emulation and uses a serial driver that is included with Mac OS versions from 9 upward.
The first thing to check is to ensure that the HOBOware Preferences (HOBOware, Preferences, Communications, Device Types) are configured to communicate with serial devices. Next, with the logger connected to the computer USB port, you need to enable any unchecked serial ports (HOBOware, Preferences, Communications, Serial Ports). Each logger will use a unique serial port COM number.
This procedure is also included in the Quick Start guide that was shipped with the logger.
If you still cannot get this working, please contact our Tech Support group for further assistance.

Thanks for the update.
Just to confirm for my records, was this an H21-002 or was it the new H21-USB?

Yes, all HOBOs will begin overwriting all previously recorded data when they are relaunched.

Thanks again and happy logging!

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