Hoboware freezes on tidbit v2 launch

I'm trying to launch a never used before Tidbit v2 using and Optic USB base station. I'm using a Mac, and have just updated my Hoboware install. When I connect the TidBit to the couper, the device is recognized (That is, I get a message in the footer of the Hoboware dashboard saying "Dev: HOBO UTBI-001 TidbiT Temp, S/N: 10782307") But when I go to Device->Launch, the whole program freezes and has to be force quit. I've tried this on two separate laptops... Any thoughts?
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Many thanks! It's great to know that this might have an easy fix. Unfortunately, the support case link I'm seeing goes to a blank page (under safari and chrome). Is there perhaps another way to get tech support's attention? Cheers, and thanks again, Christian
I am having the same problem. Hoboware freezes when I try to launch my brand new pendant logger.
Having the problem here - with the UX-120 logger. I'm also on chrome and can't connect with the help link.
Still didn't work - I'll send an email.

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