HOBOware free version not working with Java

Greetings just purchased a UX120-006M and it did not do anything when I put the batteries in other than indicate battery level was full. So it appears I need to run this windows program before it will work? I downloaded the program and it complains about my Java version 8. I am not able to install older versions of Java on my work computer. So did I just buy a brick? Pleas advise.
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Greetings I found another computer (windows 10) that it would work on. However it would be more convenient if it worked on mine.

Glad you got it to work. You should not have to downgrade your Java, but it is possible that you need the 64-bit version. Feel free to open a case with our Tech Support team via the link below if you want to troubleshoot this on your PC. We will get you up and running!

Please submit a support case by clicking here.

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