Hobos are the most rugged, dependable and easiest loggers I have used

I am a semi-retired research engineer from Sandia National Labs and University of NM engineering faculty. I have been using the Hobo H8s since they first appeared at Radio Shack back in the 90s. I began purchasing them because they were easy to use and accurate but most importantly, dependable and very rugged. I have used them in a variety of applications where I needed verification of data being logged by another system or where I needed additional data to supplement existing data being collected. For example, in one system I was recording data by a permanent logger with an interval of 1 hr, but I needed supplemental data at 1 min intervals. The Hobo was what I used. The unit is portable and easy to install and produced the refined data I needed. I have also used the logger where I needed data temporarily for a field application where no existing data logger existed. The Hobo was easy to use for either short term or long term application. I have loaned Hobos to friends, students, other profs and researchers. These little devices are nearly indestructible. I once dropped one in a lake and fished it out with a net. I dried it out and it worked. Once a student drove over one on a muddy road. The case was destroyed and the components on the circuit board were bent and beaten, but I turned it on and it worked. I have destroyed some of the sensors, although even that is hard to do, but only one sensor failed on its own. They are the most versatile loggers I have ever used. With an H8 I have measured electrical voltage and current , temperature, pressure, flow rates of fluids, and many other things. Of course, I often had to design and build a system of shunts, voltage droppers or other things to get the input into the proper range for the H8. Unfortunately, the H8 is no longer supported by Onset nor is the Boxcar software. But that does not matter much because the old software works on my Windows 10 system just like it did on my old IBM PC back in the 90s. I am now considering how to upgrade to the newer loggers, although I plan to continue to use the H8s. It is just getting too difficult to find H8s on Ebay. As of this morning, only one was for sale, but they wanted $60--way too much for a discontinued item. I could do a series of lectures on the H8. I believe that Onset produces excellent products and I hope that before I retire from life, that I will have a full fleet of the newer models that I can leave to the University. The Hobo represents the best of what American technology has produced. Nice going, Onset engineers.

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